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ArchBrow Adjustable Eyebrow Stamp Kit

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Are you always running late for work and find filling in your eyebrows too time-consuming? Or do you always hate seeing how asymmetrical your brows are? No worries! We got the solution for both eyebrow problems! Get symmetrical eyebrows while achieving perfect brows in just seconds with the ArchBrow Adjustable Instant Brow Stamp!

  • INSTANT SHAPED EYEBROWS – Comes with a pre-shaped foam eyebrow which when stamped, creates perfectly structured and shaped eyebrows in an instant so you can have symmetrical eyebrows without fuss.

  • ADJUSTABLE STAMP – Designed with an adjustable arch stamp which switches to 3 different angles to fill all eyebrow shapes, thus creates straight, slightly curved or bridge shape for a gentle or cool look.

  • LONG-LASTING – Formulated to be waterproof and friction resistant with a strong hold so it easily lasts you an entire day without the need for touch-ups.

  • EASY APPLICATION – To apply, simply press stamp on the eyebrow powder, adjust the stamp angle, then stamp on your eyebrows, and you’re done! You can use also use an eyebrow pencil to strengthen the contour of your desired shape.

  • TIME-SAVING – Eliminates the need to draw eyebrows in front of the mirror as it only takes a few seconds to get the natural and perfect eyebrows with a stamp. It’s best for those who are rushing to work, class, or even gym.
  • EASY TO REMOVE – Though it’s formulated waterproof, it can easily be removed with your favorite make-up remover without the need for rigorous scrubbing.

No more time wasted on eyebrow makeup! Achieve perfectly-shaped eyebrows instantly with the ArchBrow Adjustable Instant Brow Stamp!


Stamp Size: 8.5 x 2.5cm

Net Weight: 24g

Available Shades: Gray Black / Brown Gray / Coffee / Taupe / Brown

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle…

  • Buy 1 Set Only — 1 set ArchBrow Adjustable Instant Brow Stamp with Eyebrows Shadow


  • Simply adjust the arch and stamp if you want a little brow change on that day!