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EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball

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Those big and heavy punching bags are good for strength but what about accuracy and hand-eye coordination? Plus they can injure the bones of your hands severely in the long run! But don't worry, it is time to train the smart way with the EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball and take your skills to the next level starting today. Simply put it around your head and punch wherever you are and whenever you want!
  • SPEED: Speed is the best friend of every fighter. This can make a huge difference during a fight. Due to its ultra-light weight, The EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball will increase your agility by boosting your speed and reflexes making you throw faster punches in the long run.  
  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Fighters know how important it is to be able to react instantly and how big of a difference it makes. Improving the hand-eye coordination will take your fighting skills to the next level while boosting your concentration! 
  • BETTER CONCENTRATION: Don't judge a book by its cover as they say! This training ball is a very tricky tool. You will have to train a lot to be able to hit it without any miss and that requires a lot of concentration. The EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball will keep you focus and make you think about nothing but hitting it!
  • FUN GUARANTEED: It's always nice to have a good workout but what's the purpose if you aren't enjoying it? With our tool, you will have fun while burning your extra fat and feeling the burn in your shoulders and your arms! Everyone can use the EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball, even kids can have fun since the rope and the headband are adjustable!
  • PAIN-FREE: Getting those ugly marks on your hands is not something someone desire while training. The tool is softer than a tennis ball which will have you enjoy it without having to worry about hurting yourself!
  • IMPROVES CARDIO: With the The EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball , you will keep your heart at a high intensity while having fun and improving your punches. It will make you burn those extra calories and activate all you upper-body muscles.


  • Color:  black,red

  • Product size: ball diameter 60MM; headband length 680MM; width 38MM

  • Head circumference: minimum adjustment head circumference 460MM, maximum adjustment head circumference 600MM


Package Includes:

  • 1 x EasyFitness Boxing Punch Ball