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Hot Pot Colander Spoon

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The perfect colander spoon for all your draining needs! 🥄 

This large colander spoon can effectively strain food for a crowd! Saving you the hassle from going back and forth from the pot. Made of durable, food-grade material with a maximum heat resistance of 100°C. Allowing you to scoop and drain food directly out of the hot cookware. It features a honeycomb shape that has plenty of appropriate size holes. Providing you a fast drain and preventing small foods such as beans or noodles from slipping through.

Designed with an extended handle which lets you reach deep into a stockpot comfortably and mess-free. Perfect for draining vegetables from boiling water, retrieving noodles, collecting fries from hot oil and more possibilities! Furthermore, it is non-stick so it can be washed easily after using.  

Strain your food efficiently like a pro using this colander spoon!


  • Large Capacity Strainer 🥄 
    This large colander spoon can effectively scoop more foods and drain water or oils than other regular products. It has a honeycomb shaped design with appropriate hole sizes which prevents small foods and noodles from slipping through. The perfect kitchen helper that makes straining liquids and transferring easier and mess-free. Saving you from going back and forth, thus keeping you efficient.

  • Non-Stick Filter 🥄 
    An easy-to-wash, non-stick colander spoon that avoids leaving marks and accidental scratches to your pot or deep pan. 

  • Hanging Hole Design 🥄 
    The handle has a hanging hole which makes it more convenient for storing and helps to reduce clutter. Making your kitchen journey easier and chaos-free.
  • Comfortable Handle  🥄 
    It has an ergonomic, long sturdy handle that provides you a comfortable hold when you strain cooked in liquids from your food. Making it easier to scoop deep into a stockpot and prevents incidental hand burns from splashes. Additionally, it has a special non-slip hook design that lets it hold from the edge of the pot. Allowing you to leave it while it rests in your cookware without slipping.

  • Wide Application 🥄 
    It can be used for draining, collecting foods or help in sifting fine ingredients away from larger ones. Perfect for pasta, green beans, fries, broccoli, meat, and so on!

  • Premium Material 🥄 
    Made of high-quality, food-grade material with an extreme high temperature resistance that can work up to 100°C. It is durable and won't deform easily which can meet your demands in the kitchen. It does not react with any food or beverages and cause harmful chemicals, perfect for your daily use. 
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 35 x 14 cm 
  • 1 x Hot Pot Colander Spoon