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InstaMatch Keychain

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Never Leave Home Without A Match!

Perfect For Any Outing

Our InstaMatch Keychains are an absolute LIFESAVER on your outdoor adventures! Our match lights in any conditions, including windy and humid climates. Light a cigarette, start a fire, start your grill, light a candle. You'll never be caught unprepared again.

A Classy Keychain

This isn't just some gimmick. We've worked hard to design a variety of sexy, classy keychain designs that don't immediately give away its purpose. A welcome addition to your keyring, our permanent InstaMatch Keychain will be there for any outdoor or emergency situation.

A Variety of Styles

Built for a variety of people and styles. Choose between the Atomic, Dragonskin, Flask, or Pragmatist styles to fit your taste.

    A Never Ending Flame

    Our InstaMatch Keychains are graded for 15,000 strikes. Hopefully, more than you'll ever need! Our keychains are meant to be a single purchase which will last you the rest of your life...They do make great gifts, however!


    The Pragmatist

    Named for a reason, this keychain also has a built-in bottle opener function. If you're looking for a true pocket tool, we've got you covered with The Pragmatist.